Man's Best Friend


We've all heard the saying, "Man's best friend," I am much more appreciative of the wonderful impact that our furry friends have on their masters after receiving feedback from my newsletter subscribers recently. It started when I was live painting at an art show, working on a portrait of a mixed breed dog as a favor for my wife's friend. "Wow!" You do pets!?" someone asked.  It was my first pet portrait and it launched many questions about what it takes for me to capture a furry friend's face on canvas. I've brought my pet projects to art fairs since then and the paintings always stimulate a variety of fantastic pet stories from customers passing by my booth. You all have some pretty awesome dogs, cats, horses, and the like! Please keep sharing!

Yes, I "do" pet portraits, and I would be happy to provide information, should you want to capture your best friend on canvas.  Shoot me an email at for a quote.