The Adventures of Clarence: Artwork as a Connection

A number of years ago, I found a way to connect with my youngest son through a cartoon series created just for him and his stuffed animal "Clarence." The whole family really got into finding out what would happen next in the Clarence series. This little stuffed animal became larger than life, and quite a conversation piece, not only for my son, but for the entire family.  These cartoons were eventually bound and made into a keepsake hardcover book for him to save and look back on.

The Clarence series really sums up my philosophy on my art as a whole. My goal through my drawings and paintings has always been to inspire and refresh others.  It hasn't been enough to keep my art for myself, but also served as a tool to spur connection with other people. Whether creating cartoons to alleviate stress and poke fun at life circumstances, or painting beautiful gifts and mementos for family and friends, it is important to me that what I create is not just beautiful, but is a way to connect and bless other people.  

Go Pack Go!